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Pets First CAT TOYS Interactive Toys For Cats. Cat Ball Bell Toy|Electric Smart Spinning Feather Cat Toy|Punching Ball Scratching Cat Board| Cat Scratcher Spinning Mouse Toy Exercise for Cats/Kitten
Classic, timeless fun classic ball toys for cats have entertained pets for generations! Now your cat too can enjoy the fun our pet ball with bell toy will provide. Watch as your cat or kitten will discover the enjoyment of chasing this pet ball toy, hearing the ball's bell ring, CATCHING it, and watching it roll away again.
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Style: Cat Ball Toy with Bell Play ball! pets will enjoy the fun and entertainment her new Bell ball cat toy will provide. Cats love balls. Cats love following noise. Put the two together and get one of the best, classic Cat and kitty toy. Ball is designed with ringing bell inside that makes noise every time is moved. sometimes cold rainy days do happen, and when they do, make sure you have the best, most stimulating pet TOY on hand. Don T let you cat or kitten be bored or day and ready to scratch your furniture, let him/her have the entertainment her/she craves with our fun cat toy ball with jingling bells! it will appeal to your pets senses sight bright, cheerful, two toned colors that attract your pet S attention to follow It with eyes and body hearing every time It moves, the Bell inside the rolling cat toy jingle, letting your cat hear a ringing sound. He will then perk up to follow the noise and chase around his cat ball toy predator Instinct cats will enjoy the chase and the catching of pets first S ringing ball toy As it will appeal to his feline nature of hunting in an enjoyable, safe and entertaining way contains: 1 colorful ball measurements:
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