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Shane Freeman
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Suncoast Sugar Gliders Blueberry Fortifier Complete Vitamins and Calcium
Made in the USA - All In One Complete Supplement for Sugar Gliders and other Small Pets. One 8 ounce package will last one sugar glider one year!
You Save $10.00
Product Description
This product is an all in one supplement measured out specifically for sugar gliders and other small pets. Weve added a natural dehydrated pure blueberry powder to make taking supplements more than just palatable, but tasty as well. This formula contains all of the vitamins and minerals balanced to the needs of sugar gliders and are essential to maintain health and vitality. The SunCoast Fortifier takes care of all calcium, vitamin and mineral needs for your small pets with one yummy serving per day. Blueberry fortifier comes in resealable, lightproof packaging and one 8 ounce bag will last one year per sugar glider. We also include a handy set of stainless steel measuring spoons to take all guesswork out of how much is just right for your pets. Many small pets require added calcium to their diets and without the correct vitamins, they will not properly absorb the much needed calcium. Why buy two separate supplements when you can use just one all balanced product flavor enhanced by the taste of natural blueberries
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