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Shane Freeman
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2-in-1 Dog Breath Freshener Spray & Water Additive ? All Natural Dog Dental Care That Fights Bad Breath, Plaque & Tartar. Dog Teeth Cleaning and Fresh Breath with No Brushing, 8 oz.
FRESH BREATH = MORE KISSES & CUDDLES ? You?d love to kiss & cuddle your dog but his/her breath smells like dead crawfish? You can stop feeling bad about not wanting to show affection to your pet now ? 100% natural ingredients in our spray work on enzymatic level to help to eliminate the cause of dog?s bad breath, so you can enjoy kissing fresh dog?s breath & show your fur baby how much you love him/her!
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Show your love with no reservations ? Kiss & hug your dog as often as you want & more! Introduce Mighty Petz Dog Breath Freshener & Water Additive into your regular dog dental care and hygiene to help to eliminate bad breath, prevent gum disease, keep your pup?s teeth clean and additionally help with their digestion. Even dogs with ?dead crayfish breath? ;) can feel the love again! HASSLE-FREE complex dental care support your pet deserves While most dog breath treats or products only mask bad breath and most dog teeth cleaners don?t do much for fresh breath, you can be sure that using Mighty Petz Dog Breath Freshener + Water Additive you give your pet complex dental solution they need. Thyme - to keep gums healthy, green pigments - to prevent tartar & plaque build-up and to help digestion and most of all parsley & peppermint - to keep your pup?s breath kissing fresh! One Breath Spray + Water Additive ? six benefits ?? Maintain fresh breath ?? Prevent plaque & tartar ?? Support dental care ?? Keep teeth clean ?? Keep gums healthy ?? Aid digestion EFFECTIVE and SAFE way to maintain your pet?s fresh breath ? only 8 ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS The simpler and more natural the ingredients the less chances there is for your pet to have allergic reaction or side effects to any product. That?s why our Dog Breath Freshener + Water Additive was formulated with 100% Natural Ingredients: Certified Organic Peppermint Leaf, Thyme Leaf & Parsley. Plus it contains only natural Monk Fruit sweetener ? No artificial sweeteners that can be harmful for dogs. No stevia that can change your pet?s genetic material. All to make sure you give your beloved fur baby only what?s best!
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