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Shane Freeman
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Barkley's 360 Dog Fingerbrush Toothbrush - Ergonomic Design - Full Surround Bristles for Easy Cleaning - Set of 2, Clear
360 DESIGN - Patent pending design allows easy cleaning of the entire mouth with just a few swipes. Pet owners can finally provide a thorough teeth cleaning for their dog or cats' with ease.
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Product Description
Fingerbrushes vs. Traditional Handle Brushes Many pets are put off when their owners try to stick a long, foreign object in their mouths to brush their teeth. Dogs and cats are often more embracing of their owners fingers, so fingerbrushes like ours are often the dental instrument of choices for vets and pet owners. Barkley's 360 Fingerbrush vs. Other Fingerbrushes The most ergonomic finger toothbrush on the market, our 360 bristle design allows pet parents to brush and massage their pets' teeth with ease and comfort. Other fingerbrushes have bristles only on one side, making it hard to brush our pets' teeth, especially if they move around. Fully-surround bristles enable pet parents to brush quickly and successfully from any angle. Safe for Pets Silicone is in many ways a wonder material. Its softness and flexibility enable a comfortable fit for humans, while gentle for dogs and cats. It's also an inert, chemically stable substance that is indigestible, making it non-toxic. Hygienic Our silicone finger toothbrushes each come with a case to keep it covered, and can be boiled for complete sterilization (it can withstand a temperature of up to 400 F, and the boiling point of water is 212 F, so boil away). How to Use Add a dime-sized amount of pet toothpaste (NEVER human toothpaste) to the fingerbrush. For pets that are new to brushing, allow them to first smell the toothpaste, then allow them to lick it. Slowly begin to brush their teeth in a circular motion. It may take a few days for pets to become accustomed to brushing. Don't give up - a little bit of progress each day is all you need!
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