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Kelaien 5PCS Dog Dental Tooth Scaler and DogTartarRemover - Stainless Steel Double Headed Dog Tooth Scraper for Pet,Dog Teeth Cleaning Tools for Dog,Cat etc
1.Stainless steel Dog Dental Tools - The dog dogtartarremover are made of durable stainless steel which is safe and non-toxic for the pets (Dog, cats.), durable enough to remove tartar on its teeth and resistant to use for long time use.
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Product Description
Necessary Pets care tool: Tartar is the main cause of bad breath, which makes your pets uncomfortable and prevents you and your family from being closed to him. Only using toothbrush everyday cannot prevent pets teeth from strong tartar, which causes bad breath after a long time. These tools should be use along with brushing to make the tartar come off. Use these care tools to remove unclean things and bring him fresh breath, white teeth. Easy to use: Designed in different angles and shapes, the professional stainless steel dental tooth scraper are perfect for different sides of your teeth, good for removing oral stains, food debris, freshening breath, whitening teeth, observing some hard-to-see areas. With this useful sets, you will easily to take all the tartar on your pets just in some minutes without any difficulties and discomforts. EASY TO USE Solid and slightly sharper on the angled end that fits in your hand holds well and easy remove build-up on our pup's teeth, different angle design is easy to use. FRESH BREATH It is difficult to remove the tarter by hand or use by brushing , this increases dogs bad breath. This canine tooth scraper can clear dogs bad breath after most tarter were removed and along with regular brushing. Package Included 5PCS Pet Teeth Cleaning Tools
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