Shane Freeman
Shane Freeman
Georgia, US
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FreshMAGIC Large Chunk Style Crystal Cat Litter, 8 lb. Bag, White
SUPERIOR ODOR CONTROL with each crystal's millions of microscopic pores, which exhale moisture from cat urine
Product Description
Size: 1 Bag (8 lbs.) Crystal Litter is a relatively new product whose primary benefit is SUPER ODOR CONTROL. It is made from silica sand (SiO). Through processing, this sand is converted into crystals that contain millions of microscopic pores which exhale moisture from cat urine. The crystals also pull moisture from the droppings, which further minimizes odor. This advanced technology provides the greatest odor control of any litter. Crystal litter is rapidly becoming the favorite among those with smaller living quarters, such as townhomes and apartments, because of its very superior odor control. Chunk has an irregular shape and does not roll far if displaced from the cat box by a playful cat. Round litter lasts a little longer and is ideally suited for automatic litterboxes and tray refills.
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