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Garfield Cat Litter Ultimate Clump, All Natural, Fast Clumping, 10lb
Backed by vets - The properties of this efficient Cat litter make it safe for cats with feline allergic bronchitis and pemphigus foliaceus, the most common feline autoimmune skin disease; garfield's tiny grains is great for all kinds of felines.
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Product Description
Style: Multi-Cat Every cat parent knows how important it is to provide their felines with high-quality, reliable cat litter. Not only is it Key for comfortable release of urine and feces, but for keeping hygienic their homes as well. Capturing unwanted smells, creating scoopable clumps, and making it easy to handle and dispose is essential for cat owners day to day life, and petfives Garfield Cat Litter is here to help you out.Free of chemicals or fragrance, This dustless tiny grain cat litter forms strong clumps immediately, up to 3 times more efficiently than clay-based litter. Composed entirely by natural corn and Cassava, a shrub native to South America, Garfield all natural tiny grains cat litter is 100% sustainable, biodegradable, and flushable, designed to care for pets, parents, and mother nature at the same time.The white color and extra-fine texture of these cat litter grains was especially developed to care for your cats health. The blank look allows for easy detection of urine coloring variations, possibly due to blood presence, which sign early stages of feline health issues. The tiny grains are soft on their paws, and the corn and Cassava natural properties make it safe for cats who suffer from feline allergic bronchitis and pemphigus foliaceus, the most common feline autoimmune skin disease. This effective, hygienic, and natural product is an essential part of any caring cat owners home.
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