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BotaniVet KeraSnout Organic Pet Balm - for Dry and Cracked Noses and Paw Pads - 1.9oz
Certified organic pet balm
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Product Description
BotaniVet KeraSnout(TM) Organic Pet Balm is veterinary dermatologist formulated using 100% natural ingredients and is certified organic. Our combination of organic oils, shea butter, beeswax, and Vitamin E soothes and protects dry/cracked noses and paw pads (hyperkeratosis). If your dog has dry, chapped or cracked feet, skin, paw pads, or nose, soothe them naturally with BotaniVet KeraSnout. Our ingredients are completely natural, safe and non-toxic and are certified organic. Dry and cracked skin can be irritating and uncomfortable for your pet . Our organic balm can also be used as a preventative to protect sensitive areas like the paw pads, especially in the winter when the cold weather and salts can irritate the feet and pads. In the summer and hot months, hard surfaces like concrete and black top can be tough on delicate paws. BotaniVet KeraSnout protects from rough and harsh surfaces during any season. Our organic healing balm is great for all breeds especially those with shorter snouts like English bulldogs, French bulldogs, pugs and boxers, all of which are prone to thickened dry skin on their noses. Also great for working dogs that spend a lot of time running and using their feet. BotaniVet Organic Pet Balm is hypoallergenic and unscented and helpful even for patients with allergies and sensitive skin.
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