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zYoung 2 Pcs Dog Comb, Tear Stain Remover, Dog Eye Stain Remover, Dog Grooming Comb, Comb for Dogs, Gently Removes Mucus and Crust, Tear Stain Remover for Dogs, Pet Tear Stain Remover
Package Including: 2pcs (as shown in Figure
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Package Including: 2pcs (as shown in Figure #1 TEAR STAIN REMOVER COMBS IN THE MARKET! We really want your little furry loved one to be comfortable during the day, feeling great, and looking incredible :) Many Shih Tsus, Poodles, Maltese, Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, Bichon Frises, Boxers, and other dogs have problems with tear stains. The buildup of mucus, crust, and tear stains are uncomfortable for these breeds, and make your dogs face look a little. Not as beautiful! OUR TEAR STAIN SOLUTION WORKS GREAT, AND THESE FINE TOOTH COMBS ARE ITS SIDEKICK FOR SOLVING THE PROBLEM! When you consistently groom your dogs face with these high quality stainless steel combs, you will easily remove all the mucus and crust buildup which prevents tear stains! OUR SET OF TWO TEAR STAIN COMBS HAVE MANY BENEFITS: Effectively and gently removes mucus and crumbs around your dogs eyes, and face. The larger tool has 65 fine teeth. We recommend to start with this tool and then use the smaller tool for precision. Prevention of future tear stains. High quality stainless steel teeth that safely removes mucus and crust. If you have not taken your dog to a professional groomer in a long time, or have groomed your pet in quite a while, it is possible that your pets face has permanent dyed fur. This fur will need to grow out some and be trimmed off by a professional groomer before using the brushes. With consistent use, you will eliminate those frequent trips to the professional groomer that cost you an arm and a leg. If the Tear Stain Comb does not effectively remove your dogs mucus, and crust around its eyes, and prevent tear stains, Get Your Tear Stain Combs and Defeat Tear Stains now.
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