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Pet Naturals of Vermont - Scoot Bars, Natural Anal Gland Support Supplement for Dogs, 30 Chew Bars
Scoot Bars are a natural fiber supplement designed to support fecal volume and healthy anal gland function.
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Product Description
Product Description In addition to being unsightly, a dog scooting across the carpet or grass is usually a sign that theres a health-related issue, such as anal gland overload. Increasing fiber in your pets diet to support fecal volume is one way to address this. Scoot Bars contain three sources of fiber, including digestion resistant maltodextrin to improve fecal volume, pumpkin powder, and Larch tree extract. Larch tree extract also enhances the growth of friendly bacteria to maintain a healthy digestive tract, which provides the additional benefits of immune and colon health. Scoot Bars are a natural alternative to canned pumpkin and is easy for your pet to digest. Finding fiber that is gentle on your dogs GI tract is important when adding fiber to a daily diet. Stop the scoot and save your rug with these delicious chewy bars that your dog will love! Pettbucket.com Scoot Bars Because dogs dont scoot rainbows SCOOT BARS are a delicious bar to support anal gland health in dogs. A New Movement in Fiber SCOOT BARS feature fiber in an innovative delivery system designed to address a common concern: The dreaded butt scoot. While it may appear humorous when youre visiting a friend, the humor fades when your white carpet and your dogs health are the butt of the joke. Providing colonic support and support for digestion is important to supporting dogs overall health because anal sac overload or infrequent bowel movements can contribute not only to anal gland agitation and subsequent scooting but also to irritation of the skin or ears. When anal glands arent properly expressed or expressing, that can cause a dog to scoot along the floor to relieve some associated discomfort by working to express those glands alone. Supplementing with fiber supports colonic health, thereby supporting overall wellbeing. Three Pronged Approach Unlike canned pumpkin or pumpkin treats, Scoot Bars provide immune, digestive and colonic support. Pet Naturals 2800 mg proprietary pumpkin blend includes three sources of fiber: Larch tree extract Digestion-resistant maltodextrin Pumpkin powder Larch tree extract offers immune system support and has been shown to promote the production of beneficial gut bacteria. Digestion-resistant maltodextrin is a soluble fiber that supports fecal volume and regularity, and pumpkin powder is a time tested and much loved source of fiber to support fecal volume and colonic health. Chewable Bars In the Delivery SCOOT BARSs nutrients are delivered in a highly palatable chewable bar your dog will love. SCOOT BARS are designed to supply pets with necessary fiber levels to produce fecal quality that can break the smelly, scooting cycle and maintain healthy anal gland function. SCOOT BARS was formulated for every dog, even those with common food sensitivities.
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