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VetriScience Laboratories - Vetri DMG Liquid, Endurance and Immune Support for Cats, Dogs and Birds
Supports immune system function and performance in dogs, cats and birds
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Product Description
Size: 1 Fluid Oz Product Description Active Ingredient Per ml: N,N-Dimethylglycine (DMG), 125 mg. Each Drop Contains: N,N-Dimethylglycine (DMG), 6 mg. Inactive Ingredients: citric acid, purified water, and rosemary extract (a preservative). Pettbucket.com Vetri DMG Liquid Vetri DMG Liquid supports immune system function and performance in dogs, cats, and birds. DMG, or dimethylglycine, is an adaptogen that is naturally found in the body's metabolic pathways. DMG helps the body to cope with stressors such as the aging process, poor oxygen availability and free radical damage. It provides immune system support. Supports performance DMG is an immune system modulator that supports performance through supporting circulation, oxygen utilization, stamina, and muscle recovery (due to DMG's ability to lower lactic acid build-up). Supporting oxygen utilization can also support mental acuity and neurological health, resulting in performance support. Supports detoxification processes Because it supplies methyl groups to the methylation process, DMG supports liver metabolism and detoxification pathways through supporting the production of intracellular glutathione and SAMe. DMG also acts as an antioxidant to protect the body from free radical damage and support proper elimination processes. Supports immune response DMG supports the immune response through supplying methyl groups and supporting lymphocyte and antibody production. Patented nutrition FoodScience Corporation, Vetri-Science Laboratories' parent company, originally patented DMG, obtaining four patents in the area of immune response and one in the area of manufacturing. Convenience Vetri DMG is available in an easy to administer liquid that contains 6 mg of DMG per drop and 125 mg per serving.
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