Shane Freeman
Shane Freeman
Georgia, US
Admittedly, I was initially skeptical of this service. As I tried to save money in the past, I've been burned a few times by coun ... more
Beco, Strong & Large Poop Bags, Mint Scented Dog Poo Bags, Dispenser Compatible
Extra thick and strong making it easier to clean up after a mess
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Product Description
Size: Travel Pack (60 Bags) Beco Degradable Bags are the Earth Friendly choice for picking up after your pet. Extra strong, extra thick, and extra degradable. You can count on Beco Bags to handle any adventure you and your pet have. Made With D2W - Accelerates the speed at which degradable dog poop bags break down. No microplastics, no toxic residues. Spearmint Oil - Sustainably harvested in the UK. Quality Matters Beco Degradable Bags measure 9x13in and can handle some seriously big poops. The material is about 15 microns thick, and the seams are durable, so you know you can rely on them every time. Sustainably Sourced The minty scent comes fresh from a UK farmer, who uses ethical and sustainable farming practices to supply the peppermint oil that makes these bags smell so fresh. Degradable Every Beco Degradable Bag is made from PET recyclable plastic and mixed with an agent that completely breaks them down in 2-5 years. Absolutely no chemicals, residues, or microplastics. Beco Compostable dog poop bags are also plant-based and truly biodegradable - you should check them out too, we think they're pretty cool.
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