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BONIES Natural Calming Small Singles (0.81 oz)
A unique dog bone that uses all-natural ingredients made to be healthy for your dog.
Product Description
BONIES Natural Calming Formula a is unique dog bone that uses all natural ingredients. Made to be a healthy treat for your dog while freshening their breath at the same time. Intended for dogs weighing 15 25 lbs. Healthy Ingredients Bonnies contain natural peppermint and parsley to help freshen breath. BONIES uses brown rice as its first ingredient and unlike other edible chew bones, BONIES contains no animal byproducts like gelatin or animal glycerin. BONIES contains zero saturated and trans fat. Each ingredient in BONIES was carefully selected by a board certified animal nutritionist to ensure safety, enjoyment and digestibility with no compromise to your dog's health. Bonnies Benefits BONIES uses a 100 natural chicken flavor concentrate made from antibiotic free US chicken livers. Once chewing starts, the saliva activates and magnifies the natural chicken flavor, making for a delicious but healthy and functional treat with great benefits. The combination of 100 natural peppermint and parsley create the perfect combination to freshen nasty doggy breath. Mother Nature designed bones to be hard, not soft and chewy. BONIES is uniquely formulated to be hard enough to scrape and polish teeth. While chewing a Bonnie, dogs will exercise their jaw muscles and massage their gums. BONIES Natural Calming Formula BONIES are highly digestible. BONIES satisfy your dog's chewing needs All natural dog treat Low calorie: only 66 calories per bone Helps freshen breath clean teeth Small: For Dogs 15 25 lbs.
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