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Purina Pro Plan LiveClear with Probiotics Allergen Reducing Adult Dry Cat Food & Cat Shampoo
One (1) 8.5 oz. - Purina Pro Plan Rinse Free, Allergen Reducing Dry Shampoo for Cats, LIVECLEAR Cleansing Foam
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Product Description
Style: Shampoo |Flavor Name: Shampoo |Size: 8.5 oz. Bottle Enjoy the time you spend with your cat to the fullest when you use Purina Pro Plan LIVECLEAR Rinse Free Allergen Reducing dry shampoo for cats. Our foam cat shampoo has been shown to reduce the allergens in cat hair and dander safely and simply. This hypoallergenic shampoo is 99.8% natural and pH-balanced and features a fast-acting, easy-to-use cleansing foam. A pump dispenser makes application quick and convenient, and the waterless cat shampoo formula means there's no need to rinse. To target cat allergens at the source, also look to Purina Pro Plan LIVECLEAR dry cat food. This revolutionary formula, the first of its kind, uses a key protein in eggs to neutralize a common allergen in cat saliva, Fel D 1. It's been shown to reduce cat allergens in hair and dander by an average of 47% starting in the third week of daily feeding. To get the upper hand on cat allergens in your home, turn to the Purina Pro Plan LIVECLEAR line of dry cat shampoo and food.
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